ZIV invests €2m in the development of intelligent systems that will reduce the operating cost of low-voltage networks

Ryan M. Cason

f2cde0676dd5436eba08993fac70478c ZIV invests €2m in the development of intelligent systems that will reduce the operating cost of low-voltage networks 11Galder Vizcaya, responsible for low-voltage and metering products at ZIV in the smart grid laboratory

  • The intelligent supervision systems enable utilities to reduce the operational cost of LV networks that distribute energy to homes and commerce.
  • LV monitoring is a powerful asset management tool helping to identify fraud, balancing and metering.
  • ZIV has designed a basic and an advanced system, capable of responding to the various needs of utilities.
  • The key to the profitability of the deployment of these new systems lies in their ability to reuse existing infrastructure.
  • They have been presented at the last ENLIT fair in Milan with an excellent reception
  • Thousands of secondary substations are already monitored with this technology.

Transformers are the last boundary between the MV and LV distribution network where millions of consumers are connected. They are a critical network component. Therefore, monitoring Medium and Low voltage transformers in secondary substations, and their load on the LV side is a powerful asset management tool for fraud detection, balancing and metering. To pursue that goal effectively, the Spanish company ZIV, has invested two million euros to design a range of equipment that monitor transformers at various points, and at different levels.

In the words of Galder Vizcaya, responsible for low-voltage and metering at ZIV: “For utilities, this improvement at low-voltage level, including the smart metering solutions that we offer, represents approximately a 30% reduction in operating costs”.

Both the basic and the advanced systems have already been implemented by the DSOs with the greatest presence in Spain. “The deployment of both solutions throughout the national territory, added Galder Vizcaya, will be extended in the coming years, providing decisive information for the improvement of the management of the assets of the electricity companies.”

ZIV trusts that this solution will be extended to other utilities at an international level. In December, it presented its medium and low voltage solutions at the Enlit-Europe fair in Milan, as well as its smart metering solutions that have helped the company become a key technological smart grid partner. Likewise, it organized webinars on low voltage supervision and medium voltage automation that have been very well received. Global Sales Director Daniel Herrero comments, “The market is very receptive to the adoption of new solutions to manage low and medium voltage networks, so long as they are able to reuse existing elements in the field. ZIV has a clear vision in this regard and is committed to offering flexible solutions adaptable to various environments”.

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About ZIV

ZIV Aplicaciones y Tecnologia is a company based in the North of Spain offering a complete portfolio of digital protection & control, metering, communication, monitoring and automation equipment and systems for generation, transmission and distribution electric utilities, industries and EPC contractors worldwide. With a commitment to innovation, to an open and flexible approach, and to teamwork, ZIV has grown to become a leader in SMART SOLUTIONS for HV, MV and LV Grids – serving customers in more than 85 countries.


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