TREND Networks ceases supply to Russia and Belarus


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TREND Networks is stopping all business operations in Russia and Belarus with immediate effect. 

Due to the escalating conflict, TREND Networks will no longer supply cable and network test equipment and products to Russia or Belarus. There will also be no sales, technical support, and spares or parts shipped to the region.  In addition, TREND Networks will not be purchasing any products or components from Russia or Belarus.

“We have taken this decision in support of all the people affected by the war in Ukraine,” says Paul Walsh, CEO of TREND Networks. “We are committed to supporting those impacted by this situation in whatever way we can and sincerely hope that the conflict ends very soon.  TREND Networks will be doing all it can to ensure networks remain operational in Ukraine, given our test equipment empowers the connected world.”

To support aid efforts in Ukraine, members of the global TREND Networks team will also be taking part in a range of fundraising activities to raise donations for the International Committee of the Red Cross.  TREND Networks has committed to matching the total sum raised by employees.

To donate to the International Committee of the Red Cross, visit: 

To learn more about TREND Networks visit .


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