Top Crypto News: 12/30 – Cartesi Rollups Alpha Mainnet

James B. Beal


Not many changes have taken place in the cryptocurrency space this week. The “King Crypto” is in the red zone and currently trading at $47,399.63 (-1.14%). Ethereum on the other hand is trading at $3,725.99 (-1.72%).

Before we move on to today’s top crypto news, the entire cryptocurrency space currently has a market cap of $2,221,195,676,519 and a 24-hour trading volume of $88,521,288,200. Although the entire crypto space is currently trading in the red zone, the situation is not as bad as it looks. In fact, we are looking forward to a more bullish new year. This, in essence, means that it is a good time to keep ‘hodling’ your crypto assets.

Now Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

1. Algorand (ALGO) Price Rally

First, Scalable blockchain platform Algorand native token $ALGO was among the top climbers today. And this sudden price surge can be traced to the recent introduction of liquidity rewards for its DeFi platform Algofi. According to reports, Algorand Foundation announced a $3million incentive program for its recently launched Algofi platform.

Thanks to the announcement, $ALGO token crossed its $1.60 resistance level. At the time of writing, the token was trading at $1.72.

ALGO tokens were among the few climbers on Thursday morning after @AlgoFoundation introduced liquidity rewards for a new product built on Algorand.
By @shauryamalwa

— CoinDesk (@CoinDesk) December 30, 2021

2. Seedify Launch $10 Million Grant Program

Secondly, for today, Blockchain-based gaming incubator and launchpad platform Seedify has announced the launch of a $10 million grant. Above all, the grant fund will be directed at building the metaverse.

Interested artists, content creators, etc will now have access to financial grants and top-notch tech advice as they create their assets.

3. EnjinStarter | Kingdom Karnage Partnership

The world’s first-ever blockchain gaming launchpad EnjinStarter has entered into a strategic partnership with Kingdom Karnage. Kingdom Karnage is a well-known digital trading card game. Thanks to the partnership, interested persons will be able to compete, play, conquer, and explore the world of Player vs Player (PvP) in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Also, interested persons can create their 30-day card deck army.

Choose, conquer, explore, and revel in the glory of PvP. ⚔️$EJS 🤝 Kingdom Karnage

A cross-platform Animated Combat NFT Trading Card Game that can be played on the web, Google Play, and Steam.

Create your 30-card deck army.
🗓️ #IDO on 11th January!

— ENJINSTARTER (@enjinstarter) December 29, 2021

4. NFTrade Joins The CryptoBlade Ecosystem

Decentralized cross-chain NFT platform NFTrade is now part of the CryptoBlade ecosystem. Now, NFTrade users can now trade their CryptoBlade NFTs for other CryptoBlade NFTs. They can also trade their NFTs for other projects NFTs on the NFTrade NFT store page. Therefore, facilitating more use cases and greater adoption for these NFTs in the NFT ecosystem.

↔️NEW PARTNER: @NFTradeOfficial↔️

🙌NFTrade allows our players and users from verified projects to trade their #CryptoBlades NFTs with other CryptoBlades NFTs or other projects’ NFTs on the verified NFT store page!

👉More Info: #SKILL #KING #P2E

— CryptoBlades (@BladesCrypto) December 29, 2021

5. Cartesi (CTSI) Rollups Alpha Mainnet Launch

Layer-2 platform Cartesi (CTSI) has released details of the alpha mainnet launch of its CTSI Rollups. This means that interested developers can now create their dapps using their preferred programming stacks and tools.

We’re proud to announce the alpha release of #Cartesi Rollups!

Ready to develop your DApp in Linux using your favorite IDE, programming stack and tools?

Read our overview, check out our repo and let’s code! $CTSI

— Cartesi (@cartesiproject) December 29, 2021

6. Official Mainnet Launch

The much-anticipated mainnet launch is finally live. Prior to the mainnet launch, the platform has undergone series of successful alpha testnet launches.

Following the mainnet launch, several other updates are expected on the ecosystem in the new year. Some of them include;

  • MELD Future coming on January 6, 2022
  • VIP Land – Jan 2022
  • Built-in Editor Release (Jan 2022)

Other upcoming updates include; top-notch brand partner lands, new exchange listing

🥳Meland Mainnet Officially Launches!
😆Thank you for all the supports and let’s have fun!

🖥️We’ll keep intensive development to make the game better

How to play:
MELD Future:

— (@meland_ai) December 29, 2021


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