Rainmaker Games ($RAIN) Staking Goes Live

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After securing $6.5 million to boost its mission of providing a free global platform for users to play hundreds of play-to-earn games, Rainmaker is making more giant strides in the blockchain space.

In another remarkable development, Rainmaker Games via its official Twitter handle announces that staking of $RAIN is now live. According to the announcement, users can now stake their $RAIN token and earn rewards on their holdings in return.

🚨 Attention Rainmakers!

Staking is live! Wait till you see our starting APR 😍

Thanks for your patience as we got this ready this week! https://t.co/lYNiCpYZsZ pic.twitter.com/5TtZYel71s

— Rainmaker Games (@RainmakerGaming) December 29, 2021

The blockchain gaming platform says that its staking program will be in two forms, single-side staking and LP staking.

  • The Single-side staking: Customers in this aspect will stake $RAIN directly into the pool and earn rewards. Here you earn 20% of the total daily rewards from the staking reserve.
  • The LP staking: Customers in this aspect will stake their RAIN-ETH Uniswap LP tokens after adding liquidity to Uniswap. Also, you earn 80% of the total daily rewards from the staking reserve.

Hence, every day some $RAIN from the staking reserve goes to both pools 80/20. The platform also points out that a staking mechanism sets the rates in both staking pools by design.

Rainmaker Games disclosed that the staking reserve funding is from unsold tokens from the Copper Launch token launch. According to the play-to-earn platform, the staking reserve currently has 25,000,000 $RAIN.

More About Rainmaker Games Staking

In addition to offering top-notch staking rewards, Rainmaker Games also noted that the staking program will provide users with opportunities to earn more rewards.

It revealed that a bonus multiplier feature will be rolled out for participants. This will allow users who stake their tokens for a longer duration to earn more rewards. However, it is important to note that once you stake your token they can’t be unstaked until the end of the specified duration.

The Rainmaker Games bonus multiplier include:

  • 13 weeks – 1.25x bonus
  • 26 weeks – 1.5x bonus
  • 37 weeks – 1.75x bonus
  • 52 weeks – 2x bonus

About Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games is a blockchain gaming platform focused on connecting gamers globally. It is designed to provide gamers worldwide with a free platform where hundreds of play-to-earn games can be assessed.

The game also focuses on securing financial freedom for users and connecting the blockchain industry like never before.

$RAIN Price Update

Rainmaker Games’ native token, $RAIN, at the time of writing has surged significantly and was trading at $0.936606. The token at the time of publication rose by a whopping 19.5% in the last 24 hours.

Also, $RAIN has a 24-hour trading volume is $2,370,629. The token since its launch has also been performing satisfactorily, Uniswap (v2) is currently the most active exchange.


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