Eliminate the risk of contamination in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing


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Industrial compressed air brand, Worthington Creyssensac, has launched the new ‘Class Zero’ oil-free compressors for the UK & Ireland markets, certified by TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH to be 100% free of any traces of oil or other contaminants. The new OF 20-75V range has been designed for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical sectors, where production of air quality to the ISO 8573.1:2010 class is essential to maintain high manufacturing standards.

With no lubrication in the compression cycle, this new generation of compressors replaces previous oil-injected machines that rely on downstream filtration to achieve the required high levels of air purity. As well as further enhancing product safety, oil-free technology enables pharmaceutical and chemical producers to save time and money by dispensing with monitoring, cleaning, and maintenance of oil filters, the removal of which will help to achieve lower operating costs.

With climbing production energy costs in mind, Worthington Creyssensac implemented variable speed drive (VSD) compressors in its new oil-free models to help offset the rising costs. A VSD compressor matches the power consumption to the air demand, especially when the production process is not constant, varying its speed and thus reducing the energy consumption during low usage periods to maintain outlet pressure to +/-0.1 Bar. By selecting a VSD compressor, the manufacturers can meet their fluctuating air demand profile, reducing overall energy consumption by as much as 35%.

Stewart Craig, Product Manager at MultiAir UK & Ireland, which supplies Worthington Creyssensac machines via a network of approved Oil-Free distributor partners, commented: “With pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers facing increased energy costs and striving to achieve sustainable production, oil-free technology offers a significant advancement in more environmentally-friendly compressors. It not only helps to avoid risk to products and brand reputation, but also adds financial value through a lower total cost of ownership.”



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