Crosta & Mollica launch Italian gelato truffles


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Tartufi, directly translated into ‘Truffles’, are the latest launch from Crosta & Mollica, as the modern Italian food brand capitalises on the growing UK market for Italian food, with Brits continuing to widen their palate for Italian cuisine. Shifting from the savoury market, Crosta & Mollica enters the dessert category with three SKUs of the traditional frozen Italian dessert Tartufi. Each dessert combines two gelato flavours, hand-rolled and coated in a layer of light dusting to create a generous-sized gelato truffle.

Crosta & Mollica, which simply means ‘crust & crumb’ in Italian, was founded with a desire and dedication to bring quality Italian food to the UK. From wood-fired pizzas to piadina flatbreads, Crosta & Mollica has contributed to the savoury market with its authentic Italian goods in major retail listings including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. The brand now aims to enter the sweet category for 2022, introducing the UK to the authentic italian frozen dessert, Tartufi.

Whilst the original Tartufi was first created in Puglia, southern Italy over 50 years ago, Crosta & Mollica aims to elevate the Italian passion for gelato with its range of Tartufi, using quality ingredients to create a contrast between the smooth gelato layers and the outer crumb. With a pair of Tartufi in each pack, flavours include:

Tartufi Caffè Latte: inner gelato layer is a bitter Italian coffee layer while the outer layer is a creamy layer of fior di latte gelato with Madagascan vanilla – each tartufo is then hand-rolled in a light cocoa and almond biscotti crumb.

Tartufi Chocolate & Hazelnut: inner gelato layer is made with IGP hazelnuts while the outer layer consists of a slightly bitter dark chocolate layer – hand-rolled in a dark cocoa and hazelnut nib crumb.

Tartufi Pistachio & Almond: inner gelato layer is made with pistachio while the outer layer is an IGP almond gelato – hand-rolled in a pistachio crumb.

Retailer information:

● RRP £5.00 (x2 Tartufi per box).

● Waitrose – available in online and in-store

  • ○  Tartufi Caffè Latte – 2x104g
  • ○  Tartufi Chocolate & Hazelnut – 2x104g
  • ○  Tartufi Pistachio & Almond – 2x104g

● Ocado

  • ○  Tartufi Chocolate & Hazelnut – 2x104g
  • ○  Tartufi Pistachio & Almond – 2x104g


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